Exceptional hardware features:

  • The production unit is packed as a mobile wheeled suitcase and weighs less than 23kg.

  • 1-6 SDI/HDMI inputs for audio and video + 1 analog audio input

  • 1-2 SDI/HDMI output from program feed or clean feed (or both)


Exceptional software features:

  • Software based audio and video mixers.

  • Animated overlay graphics designed for ice hockey, football, basketball, floorball, rugby, volleyball, baseball etc. (timer, scores, period, timeout etc.).

  • Multi-channel Live Replays from all inputs (also slow motion).

  • Video insert player (for example ads and other insert materials).

  • Multichannel audio support (up to 16 channels) (e.g. commentary & International sound in different channels).

  • Encoder and streamer (UDP, TCP, RTMP, etc.)

  • Data Bonding (Zixi)

  • Automatic local recorder.

  • Remote management via web browser.

  • Fully customizable for special cases.

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